Welcome to the second gallery page that documents our tire bale house project outside of Granby, Colorado; the "House of the Holey Rocks."

We hope that the images and movies on this site, as well as news pieces, will spark some interest in this new building technology.

We've added extra gallery pages as needed to accomodate all the pictures we wanted to share. Here are some images from early November. Lots of progress in spite of the snows that come and go each week.

UPDATE 11-01-06 through 11-12-06

In the last 2 weekends, progress has slowed due to repetitive snow storms coming in to Grand County.

  • Looking toward the west, the south wall framing is nearly finished. Here you can also see the framing on the north wall.
  • Looking east, the south wall begins to show the shape of the house.
  • A few I-beams have been installed on the garagein spite of very high winds preceeding an incoming storm.
  • Today, it was snowing when we left the warmth of our condo in Winter Park, with snow guns working overtime to cover the slopes for the coming weekend opening of the ski area. At our house site, you can see that some snow fell, but certainly not the 10-inches forecast. We shoveled and swept out the snow from the house and in a few hours saw the pad drying quickly in the warmth of the afternoon sun.
  • We hope to see a roof go on our house this coming week, however, there are multiple storms in the forecast. We must be patient.

    Please stop by again to see how far we get before winter totally shuts our project down.

UPDATE 11-18-06 through 11-23-06

It is hard to believe that Thanksgiving weekend is here and the roof still isn't complete. But we're hanging in there, as is our foreman Jeffery and his hard working crew, Kent, and Michael. Here are a few images captured over the last few weeks.

  • People are always asking how thick the walls will be. Here Jon Duncan spreads his arms wide and you can see the width of the west wall behind him.
  • Laura was enjoying the warmth of the living room during the late afternoon sun the day after Thanksgiving. My goodness, the sun penetrates nearly the width of the house! Here is a view taken from the south entrance of the master bedroom looking toward the east end of the house. See how far back the sun goes? One can almost feel the warmth of the sun sitting in this space.
  • Our neighbor's Trish and Mickey have lost a dog--Quila loves to come over and spend time at our house. Here she is basking in the afternoon sun in the living room.
  • Here the front entry takes shape. The front door has changed from 2 solid panels on each side to allow for more solar warming through 2 glass panels which will blanket the front door.
  • The west wall is enclosed now. There is still some shot-crete to be completed on this wall and backfilling where the black plastic is showing--oh, and the stucco to finish the outside.
  • From the inside, with the west wall enclosed, the house begins to have a feel of a home.
  • Looking at the west corner of the house, we've added more windows (to come later) to take advantage of the late afternoon western sun as well as the view.
  • Even with construction materials lying around, Laura could not resist this picture of the south view. This will be the view from the kitchen and dining area.
  • We love looking at the rocks that rise above our new house. Here you can see through the I-beams before the roof covers this lovely view.
  • Is that a bear coming through the north kitchen window? No, it's just our Windy dog. But, that kitchen window as seen from the north side could present an opportunity for bears or mountain lions or other critters to come into our house unless we can come up with a plan for putting steel bars around those north windows.
  • Here is a view looking down on the site from up near our "holey rocks".

Join us over the next few weeks as the house is finally closed in for the winter....to begin its warming as a solar mass, and we begin a different phase of the construction.

UPDATE 12-16-06





Please remember that our site will be constantly under construction and updated as the building progresses.


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