Welcome to our latest Gallery page that documents our tire bale house project outside of Granby, Colorado. We call it the "House of the Holey Rocks."

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2008 Updates

May 2008 has come and with it fresh snow. Thank goodness we can work inside with much of the roof on and the heat of the wood stove to keep us warm.

Here are a few images from the last week of April's work on our house.

  • Jeffery was busy getting the "real" front door installed. As you can see from inside and outside, it completes the look of the house from either inside or out.
  • Laura had requested some cubbies above the jet tub. Jeffery quickly drew these up for approval and then created them. Laura picked some marble to surround the tub.
  • We are trying for a finished look by using bullnose around the windows and doors. Even at this stage, we believe it makes the house look more refined at the cost of more work and expense for us.
  • Laura's wave truly completes the living space. Viewed from east or west, it looks very good for this space. Jeffery and Duncan had the arduent task of making this happen all without a single architectural drawing. Laura loves working with people with whom she can wave an idea in front of them and then watch them make it happen.
  • We had some difficulties in getting the kitchen installed correctly the first time. This is what it looked like when cabinets were set temporarily. Now, to get them installed correctly and then the appliances.
  • Windy has a good time trotting around the inside of the house and announcing visitors.
  • Robert and crew had a few excellent warm days to finally work on the roof. Once the weather clears a bit more and we are able to take more pictures of the roof, I'll post them. In the mean time, here is a roof line shot from May 2.

Check back in a few weeks and see how much more progress we've made. Hey, perhaps we will get a CO by July. It just might happen!





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